Last week some child replaced this site with a pro-Islamic page that boasted of their l33t h4ck1ng skillz and claiming to be Afghanistani member of a hacker team.

The page was the sort of thing one saw on bulletin boards back in the early 1990s with a link to an (uncredited) image of a Moslem knight.

It is a shame that in doing so, they trashed this anti-war web site.  I created this idea in response to wars being started by the West against the Middle East.  Then a Moslem child replaced it with a pro-war message.  How pathetic, an anonymous keyboard warrior supporting the war on terror by encouraging his brothers and sisters to take up arms and get killed on his behalf.  What a nasty little coward, most certainly not doing work on behalf of Allah.

How to make friends and influence people, not.  On all sides of the conflict.

Granted, I was foolish in not promptly applying a security update to my Drupal software, which is how the child got in: via a well-documented security weakness.  But they were unwise to leave log file traces, names, IP addresses, traceable script and a trail of identical destruction to other web sites online.

Simon, 17th April 2015.